Spec at a Glance

DVTech series is a DVR featuring high picture quality with small file sizes due to its MPEG-4 Hardware compression format . The average size of a single frame of video is an incredibly small 1.5k, which enables lightning-fast remote operation and three to five times more storage time than conventional MJPEG compression.

  • MPEG-4/H.264 Hardware Compression
  • Easy to use and operate with built-in graphical user interface
  • Up to 400 frames per second recording and playback
  • Up to 32 cameras
  • High picture quality - CIF to 4CIF/D1 image resolution
  • Simultaneous viewing, recording, and playback
  • Supports remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom control
  • Watchdog support built-in
  • Live remote access via TCP/IP or dial-up PSTN
  • Hardware video loss detection
  • Adjustable recording file size for storage
  • Multiple channel real-time display