Innovation Is Our Middle Name 

DVTech Systems is committed to helping companies realize the vast potential of the DVR – Digital Video Recording. Providing non-proprietary and fully standards-compliant, DVR- and Management Digital Video Recording solutions. DVTech Systems has always known the importance of reliable, quality video recording and monitoring.

In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks on America, DVTech Systems 's state-of-the-art technology that enables cost-saving DVR applications makes it more relevant than ever.

Up to 240 frames per second of crystal-clear video

Each server supports up to 240 fps across up to 32 cameras. The more frames your system supports, the closer you are to real video. DVTech Systems frame rates are adjustable per camera to meet your unique requirements. As an example, a retail customer may require 30 fps on their cash registers, while 5-10 fps may be acceptable on the front door system. If you are going to make the investment to build a digital video surveillance system, make sure your software platform supports an adequate number of frames per second.

Better performance and cost savings

You can rely on DVTech Systems products for small to large and complex digital video networks. Even a single product will help to reduce cost or enable features. You can transmit the video to a different site. Digital storage of video is affordable and maintenance free: no degradation in quality. And access to archived footage is straight forward and easy: no wading through hours or days of recordings. Intelligent investments are the key to reducing costs.

Full-featured web browser

Watch live or recorded video from anywhere on your network, or even over the Internet, with a standard web browser. Certain organizations prefer using software loaded on their workstations, while others require the flexibility of viewing data from their homes, remote offices, and even their hotel rooms. DVTech Systems allows you to work the way you and your organization prefer to work.

A system in the truest sense

All DVTech Systems products are developed using a high degree of know-how and a a great deal attention to detail. But that's not enough for us. All our products are created in such a way that they fit seamlessly into every system the user might need - however simple, however complex. And thanks to the modular principle, it can be extended step by step, whenever necessary. That's how DVTech Systems ensures added value for the customer.

DVTech Systems Products Delivers State-of-the-art Video

Primary concern in satisfying customers needs is having the ability to integrate innovative technologies and functional designs through the process of product research and development. DVTech Systems is committed to deliver customer satisfaction and support exceeding both industry standards and the expectations of our worldwide customers


It's about solutions - not just components 

Digital technologies have already changed many aspects of our daily lives. Just think of remote video transmission: once digital, distances do not matter any more and live video streams are accessible from anywhere around the globe. This will assist you in screening visual scenes for events and let you do things more meaningful than spending your time watching. DVTech Systems 's vision is to bring digital technology to the world of remote video surveillance for your applications to benefit.

DVTech Systems developed the DVTech DVR as a universal Hardware & Software solutions for the integration with "state of the art" security devices supplied by the leading vendors within the security industry. Utilizing digital video as the most informative channel of an integrated security system was the key factor in the design of the DVTech DVR. The architecture of DVTech Systems was developed based upon the assumption that building the systems of any scale and complexity, be distributed and
Utilize the complete range of modern Digital Video Recording.

The following capabilities represents DVTech DVR series.

Integration - with numerous security components in unified system environment is based on object-oriented and event-driven DVTech Systems DVR architecture. DVTech Systems DVR allows multiple accesses to systems from any system location.

Sufficiency and Redundancy - DVTech Systems may provide fault-tolerant and self-recovered system architectures in integrated video security and complex custom-defined applications. 
Scalability and Flexibility - are proven by system architecture that enables:

·         Wide choice of computer platforms in order to reach system requirements.

·         Full-duplex system operation: simultaneous data processing, system messaging, and multiple system accesses.

·         Long time video/audio and event data archiving, fast data delivering over low-bandwidth communication channels.

·         Remote control from any location to required system.
Additional sites may be implemented or updated on the fly. This allows multi-site DVR and monitoring stations in various locations. Administrators can install any number of workstations from remote locations. It is also possible to control any number of sites from DVTech Control Center workstation.

Instant Informing - Multiple options and media for instant informing using GUI, voice/sound, light, email, still image or report print, pager, phone call, fax, data export and other. Smart video search in the archive from any location, popup and other messaging features will give operator instantaneous access to time-sensitive information.

Video Streaming over Networks - DVTech Systems Technologies compression and streaming technology provides live video feeds directly from DVTech Systems DVR's to multiple remote viewing locations without the loss of image quality or frame rate. Monitoring facilities can easily view videos from any camera, time, or location.

Full Frame Rate -  DVTech provides the ability to monitor live and record video at the pace of the actual frames per second provided by the camera; (30 NTSC / 25 PAL) otherwise known as Real Time Video. By providing full frame rate recording per camera, DVTech can capture all the information for any number of cameras, including vital split second images.

Video Quality - DVTech provides high quality video by recording at CIF and 4CIF resolutions in conjunction with a variable bit rate. The result is high detail MPEG-4 video quality.

Unlimited Number of Cameras in One Integrated System - DVTech DVR have the ability to record an unlimited number of cameras due to its open architecture. A single DVTech unit can record 32 cameras.

Compression and Storage - DVTech Systems Technology has developed a Hardware-based compression technology derived from a new processing platform with the most advanced Analog Device Digital Signal Processors existing in the market. DVTech Systems 's video compression technology analyzes the information received from video sources in real time. Compression is based on the MPEG-4 standard. Video is stored on hard drives enabling the recording of thousands of hours of video while providing immediate access to all pre-recorded video.

Hardware Based Compression - DVTech is a Hardware based platform enabling fast development time. Ultimately, DVTech has a lead-time to innovation that results in the implementation of new standards while continually introducing upgrades and improved features. Hardware compression also provides improved performance and allows for intelligent features.

Video Motion Detection - DVTech Systems offers a proprietary algorithm for indoor/outdoor detection of multiple active objects within the camera field. It may trigger video recording automatically and/or react to required system components

Advantages & Benefits

Video is recognized as one of the most effective surveillance and security tools with video operators the key for detecting breaches and responding accordingly. However, today’s operators face an overload of information and human error cannot be ruled out.